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Confidential Conversation

Before we talk about your case, we want you to be aware that everything we talk about is confidential. Even if you don't hire our firm, the conversation is confidential because of the Attorney-Client privilege. However, the Attorney – Client Privilege will not keep confidential if you have future plans to break the law or commit a crime.

Consultation Agenda

We want to talk about the problem that you are contacting our firm about, and how it is affecting your life now and in the future. We also want to talk about the options you have besides choosing to do nothing. So… we need to talk about both the problem and the opportunity. No one ever comes to our firm because of a legal problem, yes they have been arrested etc. but the legal issue only really matters because of how it affects a person in real life. Again, it is not being accused of a crime, but the effects of the charge and what could happen if convicted. You do have a choice to do something about it, or choose to do nothing… but, a criminal charge will never get better by putting your head in the sand and refusing to do anything about it…. It will not just disappear.

Consider The True Cost in Terms of Your Time, Finances, and Reputation

It is important to consider the consequences, and look at what your life will look like if you don't have me step in and help you. Most basic feelings about any legal problem (divorce/criminal/Will/probate) are felt by people in terms of how it will affect their time, their finances and their reputation. What are the immediate and long-terms costs to you? How will it affect you and your time? How long will the process take, and what is your goal? How will this legal problem affect you financially in the immediate, as well as, the long term? Considering the potential, what is not hiring our firm going to cost you financially in the long term when you consider the possible effects to your professional and employment aspirations and earning capacity? If you really think about it, your decision to find a way to pay your lawyer speaks more about how you value your future, than what you value the legal and counseling services provided. Also, consider how this situation could affect your reputation? Finally, what would you feel now, as well as, what would the future you tell yourself in 10-15 years about a decision that chooses to do nothing? What is included in the services, is a lawyer and trusted adviser who cares about you, takes time to listen and understand a client's problem and what can affect them long term.

Let Me Tell You How We Practice Law And What Is Different

Jason English was a prosecutor for 15 years, and as a result, we do things differently.  I require a lot from my clients.  My goal is to put together a plan that will include items for you to do.  As a result of doing those things, we package together information about you and take it to the prosecutor with the goal to tell them about you.  Get them to understand who you are, and that despite this case, the 3-4 page offense report is not representative of you.  Further, that you will never come across their desk again, and we give them a reason to do something different with your case and treat you different then how they treat every other person who comes before them.  So we need you to know, that if we decide to work together, you will have to do things.  We are not the law firm who collects a fee and then pleads the case.  We need you to give our firm things to use as leverage that help us in negotiations.

Our Goals in Representing You

Get the Case Dismissed or Rejected by the Prosecutor

Reduce the charged crime to something lesser

Reduce the jail time involved

Shorten any term of probation

Evaluate the facts, law, and equitable issues in your favor

Present your true story to the prosecutor that explains why our request is reasonable and fair

What Do You Want?

In criminal cases, our clients have different desires – some want to fight, some want just to get it over quickly, some want to stretch it out a long time to work to get the best deal and some just want to avoid jail etc. We want you to tell us what you want, in terms of a disposition or outcome of the issue. If we can put together a plan to get you where you want to go, do you want our help?

Jason English Law Attorney Fees

We are not a cut and paste, cookie cutter criminal defense firm – and no two cases are alike. We are happy to come up with payment terms to fit your cash flow, but the fee that we charge is based upon the number of hours and steps that the case will require us to do. We are not just pulling a number out of the air. If you are worried about cost, we can make it work according to your cash flow and budget. However if you are looking for whoever would be the cheapest, that would not be us. We are neither the cheapest, nor most expensive law firm that you will find… but you will find that we are the best value for the money in terms of experience, relationships, and attention to client details. Rarely has anyone been best served by hiring either the cheapest or most expensive lawyer. Let's make a plan today to get your case resolved in your favor.  Now that you know what to expect, give us a call at (512) 454-7548.