If you have been booked into jail due to a DWI charge, you will need to pay or post bail or purchase a bail bond to be released. It is essential to understand the process and follow the bond and release conditions because there are consequences for failing to do so. Do not underestimate the importance of the bond in your criminal case.

Are you dealing with a DWI charge in Texas? You are not alone. Texas DWI lawyer Jason S. English is here to assist you with moving forward in your life. He will fight for your rights.

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As someone who spent 15 years as a prosecutor, Texas criminal defense attorney Jason S. English has the advantage of having inside knowledge of what a prosecutor will do when it comes to prosecuting a DWI case. He knows how to equip you with the necessary knowledge so you can defend your constitutional rights and keep your license. Being charged with a crime doesn't mean you are guilty, and you have a right to defend your charge.

How Much Will the Bond Cost in Austin, Texas?

There are many factors that are considered when determining your bail amount for your DWI. Some of the deciding factors that play a role are listed below:

  1. Whether your record has prior DWI convictions
  2. Whether you refused to take any mandatory chemical tests
  3. Whether you are a perceived threat or danger to the victim, family, or any member of the public (prior criminal history is taken into account)
  4. Whether there's an accusation of committing intoxication manslaughter or assault

How Can I Pay My Bond in Austin, Texas?

Once the bail amount has been determined, it must be paid before you can be released from jail. You have the option of paying the total amount of the bail right away. However, most people don't have that kind of money and will need to purchase a bail bond from a bondsman. The bondsman will then offer the bail bond to you and will expect you to pay 10% of the total in most cases. If you need a list of local bail bondsmen, the jail can provide this information to you.

Another bond option is a property bond. You would use the equity in your home as collateral for your bail. Though uncommon, property bonds can be an alternative in some situations.

What Is "Release Without Bail?"

One option you might be offered is a “release without bail.” This is more commonly known as being released on one's “personal recognizance.” In this case, you would not need to come up with money to be released from jail. However, you would need to pay the fee for the personal bond charged by the Travis County Pretrial Services.

The “release without bail” option is most commonly offered to first-time offenders of non-violent crimes. You will need to promise to return for all court hearings and abide by any other conditions of bail. The court can order that your bond be forfeited for any bail violation.

Bond Violations in Austin, Texas

Now that you are out of jail and “free on bond,” you must not violate any of the conditions of the bond, or you can look at having your bond forfeited. Any money you paid could be seized, and you could face an arrest warrant. If you have a bondsman, they might attempt to track you down. Violating the conditions of your bond could also have the added consequences of additional charges.

Consult An Experienced DWI/DUI Attorney in Austin, Texas

As someone who prosecuted cases for over 15 years, Jason S. English understands the strategies prosecutors employ in DWI cases to coerce the accused into pleading guilty. Before you plead guilty to any crime, understand your rights and explore your options for fighting the criminal charges.

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