Austin Criminal Defense Attorney Defends Police Officer Involved in Shooting

Posted by Jason EnglishJan 27, 20220 Comments

(AUSTIN, Texas) Karl Krycia, an Austin, Texas police officer, and his partner were both charged in August 2021 with first-degree murder and a third-degree felony count of deadly conduct in the death of Navy veteran Mauris DeSilva, who was reportedly suffering from a mental health crisis at the time of his death. Krycia, who criminal defense attorney Jason S. English represents, has been placed on paid administrative leave during the criminal proceedings. He had previously returned to work at the police department after the DeSilva shooting in 2019 and had been doing an “amazing job” for the past two years, according to Austin Police Association President Ken Casaday.

Casaday, along with attorneys for Krycia's partner, Christopher Taylor, said that Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza refused to allow a use-of-force expert to testify before the grand jury, even though the prosecutor's office had specifically chosen him. “The government's own hand-picked use-of-force expert Dr. Howard Williams told the DA's office that use of force was legally justified, and yet the district attorney directed a grand jury investigation that resulted in indictments for murder,” defense attorney Doug O'Connell told a news outlet.

Krycia's attorney Jason English agrees, saying, “while we are sorry any time that a life is lost, we do believe that the actions were reasonable under the facts and justified under the law.” At the time of the shooting, Krycia had been with the Austin Police Department for five years. Just a few months before the incident, he was recognized as an employee of the month for safely bringing a stabbing suspect into custody.

Though English now works as a criminal defense attorney, he is also a former prosecutor with years of experience prosecuting the same crimes for which his client is now facing charges. Before establishing Jason S. English Law, PLLC, English represented the State of Texas, where he worked as an Assistant District Attorney in Cameron, Hays, and Travis Counties from 2002-2017. His extensive experience includes years as the Chief Misdemeanor Prosecutor and Lead Felony Prosecutor. He handled not just Violent Crimes but also handled Drug Cases, Assault Cases, and DWI's. He was also assigned to the Public Integrity Unit for many years, prosecuting White Collar Fraud, Corruption, and Public Officials. For more than seven years, he worked in-house as the only Assistant District Attorney on-site advising the Austin Police Department.

Additionally, English served as the Felony Prosecutor that handled all cases assigned to the Mental Health Docket and Veterans Court Docket. He understands how mental illness can affect a crime and punishment. Drawing from his extensive experience and established reputation within the legal community, English helps clients obtain the best possible resolution of their case.

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