Are you looking for a skilled and experienced DUI Law Firm in Cedar Park to take on your criminal charge? We have helped clients from Cedar Park who need a well-rounded DUI Law Firm to ensure they get a favorable result. Mr. English has handled thousands of felony and misdemeanor cases over the years and knows what to look for to get it resolved in your favor.

Why Choose Jason S. English Lawyer?

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  • Highly Reviewed and Rated – Our many wonderful clients have given us 5/5 Stars on google reviews.
  • Extensive Experience – Mr. English's extensive experience inside and outside the courtroom equips him with the tools to get things resolved in your favor.
  • Favorable Results – Has a track record of successfully delivering favorable results.
  • Personal Attention – Mr. English pays personal attention to all of his client's cases throughout the whole process.
  • Former Prosecutor – Jason English was a prosecutor for 15 years and does things differently.

DUI Law Firm Mission Statement

Jason S. English is an experienced DUI Law Firm in Cedar Park that offers legal representation in criminal defense. It is essential to hire a skilled and experienced DUI Law Firm for you and your family. The effects of an arrest and criminal charges can have long-lasting, expensive consequences on a person's life. That is why we offer free consultations. Mr. English pays personal attention to all of his client's cases throughout the process and comes up with a resolution that reflects their best interest.

How Does It Work

When choosing a criminal defense attorney to take on your criminal charges, it's important you choose one with experience and skill that you can rely on. At Jason S. English, your goals are our goals. We use a collaborative approach to your legal issues and develop an effective strategy.


We offer free consultations to walk you through your needs and objectives and routinely handle cases in Cedar Park. Finding the right attorney to represent you and your loved ones is a process that requires careful consideration. The cases Mr. English takes on can have a serious impact on your life. Bad case outcomes may have lifelong consequences, wasting your time, your money and limiting your opportunities. Therefore, he pays personal attention to all of his client's cases. We look forward to being your dedicated DUI Law Firm.

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How To Get Started

Don't hesitate to contact us. In the cases we take, time is of the essence. There are strict deadlines, the statute of limitations, and other time restrictions that can hinder your case. If you contact us today, we'll evaluate your case and weigh your legal options. Call our office at (512) 454-7548 for a free consultation. All information you share is confidential.